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“Keller does a superb job showing both
the natural beauty of Appalachia and the

hopeless anger of the people trapped there
in poverty. Some characters turn out to be

better than they appear, some much worse,

but the ensemble cast is unforgettable.

So is this novel.” — Publishers Weekly

“A gripping, beautifully crafted murder

mystery that shows that small-town West Virginia is no longer Mayberry. Great reading.” — Scott Turow

“Julia Keller is that rare talent who combines gripping suspense, a fabulous sense of place and nuanced characters you can’t wait to come back to. A must read.”

— Karin Slaughter

“A remarkably written and remarkably tense debut. I loved it.”  — Dennis Lehane

“Be careful opening this book because once

you do you won’t be able to close it.”

— Tom Franklin

A KILLING IN THE HILLS hardback book cover

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Mountain Drug War

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Selected by Illinois Reads 2014

Winner of the Barry Award
for Best First Mystery Novel of 2012